Affordable Home Gym Ideas: Andre’s Attic Setup for $2,100

  • Learn from Andre’s experience and create your own budget-friendly home gym, just like he did for $2,100.
  • With Andre’s story, discover how to transform your cluttered attic into a functional workout space that will help you achieve your fitness goals without breaking the bank.
Affordable Home Gym in the attic ideas
Affordable Home Gym in the attic ideas

Attic Home Gym Photos

Attic Affordable Home Gym Ideas
Attic Affordable Home Gym Ideas
Home Gym Multi Bench Germany
Home Gym Multi Bench Germany
Home Gym Bench Press Station Germany
Home Gym Bench Press Station Germany
Iron Cast Adjustable Dumbbells
Iron Cast Adjustable Dumbbells
Home Gym Curl Station
Home Gym Curl Station
Gorilla Sports Incline Bench
Gorilla Sports Incline Bench

Meet The Owner

Meet Andre, a department manager at a furniture retail store living in a townhouse in north-west Germany with his girlfriend.

Andre has built a home gym in his attic, which he finds incredibly convenient.

For Andre, the convenience of having a home gym outweighs the advantages of a “real” gym. He doesn’t like the hassle of driving to the gym before work, changing in and out of his suit, and bringing an extra meal for before the gym. He also has limited free time due to his work hours, so coming home and hitting the weights whenever he wants is a major plus. Additionally, he doesn’t have to wait for certain machines to become available and can listen to his own music on his little sound system.

To save money, Andre thrifted all of his cast iron weights off the German equivalent of Craigslist. He also snagged a preacher curl station for a great deal from a local gym that closed down. All in all, the total cost of his little attic gym comes out to approximately €1,900. He initially thought about adding a half rack for squats, but is pretty much satisfied with his current setup.

Andre’s split is as follows:

  • Monday: chest, abs and triceps
  • Tuesday: back, biceps, and forearms
  • Wednesday: shoulders and traps
  • Thursday: leg day
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday off

While he switches up his workouts every few weeks, he mostly does classic free weight training with some calisthenics/bodyweight training. He would classify himself as a casual lifter, as lifting is more of a hobby than a lifestyle.

Home Gym Equipment

  • Rack: Horizon Adonis Rack €190
  • Benches:
    • Finnlo by Hammer Adjustable Multi bench
    • Barbarian Line/ATX Multi Bench pro
    • Gorilla Sports back hyper extension bench
    • Gorilla Sports sit-up bench
  • Barbells:
    • 3 Olympics barbells
    • Ez curl bar
  • Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells
  • Gorilla Sports power tower
  • Weight Plates: 660 lbs cast iron plates
  • INTEY resistance bands
  • CCSports weight storage rack
  • A pair of fat gripz
  • Flooring: Puzzle rubber and foam mats

Total Home Gym Cost = €1,900 ($2,100)

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