Best $500 Home Gym Setup (2024)

  • Gym equipment should be chosen based on individual training programs
  • Investing in high-quality equipment that won’t be outgrown or fall apart is a better option for serious home gym builders
500usd home gym setup
500usd home gym setup

There are many websites out there that offer advice on building a budget home gym, but I personally don’t think they’re the best option. They often recommend equipment that may not suit your specific training style, and many of the items will eventually need to be upgraded.

If you’re serious about building a home gym, it’s better to invest in high-quality equipment that you won’t outgrow or that won’t fall apart and need to be replaced. $500 it’s not a lot for a home gym. But you need to start somewhere.

With $500 you can buy some basic equipment to start working out. If you find that the home gym lifestyle suits you, you can always upgrade to better stuff! I’d recommend checking secondary market and try find good deals. For $500 budget, you won’t be able to find any good new rack.

And for those with other budgets, we also have Best Home Gym Setup for $1,000, Best Home Gym Setup $5,000 or Best Home Gym Setup for $10,000 guides.

Best Home Gym For $500

  1. Bench: LINODI Weight Bench  $93
  2. Dumbbells:
  3. Kettlebells: Yes4All Kettlebell 45lbs $50
  4. Elastic Resistance Bands: Alllvocles Resistance Bands $18
  5. Flooring: Rubber King All-Purpose Fitness Mat (4′ x 6′, 3mm) $50
  6. $50 left for equipment oriented to your training style

Total Home Gym Setup = $450

These are the basic items. Once you have more budget, go for a good quality rack, barbell and weight plates (this alone will cost more than $500)

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