Best At Home Cold Plunge Tub and 2 to Avoid (2024)

  • Learn about the perfect at-home cold plunge experience based on the reviews of home gym owners. Ice Barrel 400 Is our top pick for the best at home cold plunge.

Discover the refreshing embrace of icy waters that promise enhanced recovery and elevated well-being. Whether inspired by top athletes or recommended by your physical therapist, cold plunge tubs offer a range of benefits that are simply irresistible.

It’s no surprise that lots of the home gym owners we’ve interviewed at GymNirvana own a cold plunge and is a key item in their recovery home equipment.

best at home cold plunge tub home gym
best at home cold plunge tub home gym

After interviewing dozens of home gym owners and based on their reviews, these are our top picks for best at home cold plunges:

Best At Home Cold Plunge Tub

Amidst the multitude of cold plunge choices, ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious, the options are abundant.

Our preference leans towards a cold plunge that strikes a balance between simplicity and minimal upkeep. Drawing from the insights shared by home gym owners we’ve engaged with, we proudly present our foremost recommendation:

The price? Approx $1,200

Designed for a natural upright position and easy body submersion. Crafted from durable recycled plastic material, it’s lightweight and comes with a lifetime warranty. Made from non-toxic, BPA-free, medical-grade linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), it remains hygienic and easy to clean. Its compact, portable design requires just 5 square feet of space capable of supporting 750 pounds when filled with 80 gallons of water.

Cold Plunge Maintenance

Keeping your Ice Barrel in tip-top shape is a breeze! With minimal maintenance needed, simply refresh the water every four weeks or as you like. To ensure pristine water, opt for a water stabilizer. For ultimate ease, the maintenance kit is your go-to solution, equipped with all essentials to uphold your Ice Barrel’s cleanliness and functionality.

best at home cold plunge
best at home cold plunge

Other best At Home Cold Plunge Tubs

Our top pick doesn’t mean that we don’t recommend other tubs. The folks we’ve interviewed own a variety of cold plunges and based on their reviews these are other awesome ice barrells:

best cold plunge home
best cold plunge home

At Home Cold Plunges to Avoid

In the world of cold plunges, options abound, but seasoned gym owners we’ve interviewed have two valuable pieces of advice: steer clear of inflatable cold plunges, as they entail maintenance challenges, effort, and lack durability. Likewise, cheap barrels should be avoided, as quality tends to be short-lived.

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