Best At Home Rower Machine and 2 to Avoid (2024)

  • There’s one single rower that we recommend to all home gym owners in 2024. Don’t look for more

Upgrade your home gym with the perfect addition: a rowing machine.

These machines deliver an unparalleled full-body workout that targets various muscle groups including arms, legs, back, and core.

In just 15 minutes, you can achieve a rewarding cardio session that’s perfect for those with a tight schedule.

For a joint-friendly cardio experience with remarkable returns, indoor rowing emerges as the top contender. Amongst all cardio equipment, rowing stands out as the ultimate total-body workout you’ve been seeking.

The Best At Home Rower Machine

Navigating through the 100s of rowing machines can be overwhelming. We’ve conducted dozens of interviews with home gym owners and extensive testing to identify the ones that truly deliver.

Having explored numerous options, we possess insights into what truly works. If you’re a frequent visitor to various gyms, you’re likely already familiar with the most prominent and favoured brands in the industry:

Concept 2 rower it’s just the best rower machine out there. Period.

The price? $1,000 approx.

It’s not cheap, but durability and performance are guaranteed.

Please, don’t buy cheap stuff that breaks easily.

The Concept2 rower excels as the ultimate choice, boasting consistent professional athlete performance, durability, advanced technology and a supportive community. With a trusted reputation among professionals and fitness centers, the Concept2 rower stands as a pinnacle of excellence in the fitness world.

best at home rowing machine
best at home rowing machine

Good at Home Rower Machines

In the sea of rowing machines available, Concept2 stands as our top pick. However, we’ve diligently tested other notable options that are worth considering. Here’s the rundown:

Rower Machines to Avoid

When it comes to steering clear of rowing machine pitfalls, it’s as simple as steering clear of 2 things: the cheap, flimsy ones.

After all, a rower is like a finely tuned orchestra of parts working together under tension. The key here is durability, especially for those intense rowing sessions. Opt for quality over bargain deals – while the low-cost option might hold up for a couple of sessions, it’s not long before things start to unravel.

Why Trust Us?

Here at GymNirvana, we love talking to real home gym enthusiasts – from folks just like you to even celebrities who have their own awesome home workout spaces. This lets us really understand what gear shines the brightest. We spend our days diving into home gym setups, and this passion has sharpened our knack for figuring out what genuinely gets results.

Benefit of Rower Machine

Embrace the low-impact wonders of indoor rowing, a phenomenal option to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Yet, rowing isn’t solely about joint-friendly cardio. Its benefits extend to building strength across various muscle groups, reminiscent of the deadlift motion.

Engaging the posterior chain, including hamstrings, glutes, calves, and spinal erectors during the drive, and utilizing quads, forearms, biceps, and lats during the pull, the rower offers a versatile workout that challenges all energy systems concurrently.

Whether you opt for a lengthy 3,000-meter endurance session or engage in 150-meter sprints for strength and power, the rowing machine caters to your fitness goals. Imagine a treadmill-like workout, minus the impact.

It’s time to revolutionize your home gym with the remarkable benefits of an indoor rowing machine—a choice that offers both joint-friendly cardio and an engaging full-body workout.

Fittest on earth CrossFit professional athlete Matt Fraser rowing in a Concept2 Rower Machine

At Home Rower Machine FAQs

What is the best at home rower machine?

Many consider the Concept2 rower as one of the best due to its solid performance and durability. People love Concept2 because it’s reliable, tough, and offers cool features along with a supportive community.

What’s the advantage of having a rowing machine at home?

Having a rowing machine gives you a low-impact, full-body workout that boosts both endurance and muscle strength.

What should I look for when choosing a home rowing machine?

Keep an eye out for things like resistance type, build quality, comfort, tech features, space-saving design, and user feedback.

Can I use a rowing machine in a small apartment?

For sure, there are rowing machines designed to fit in tight spaces, making apartment workouts convenient. You can always fold the rower on the wall.

How do I maintain a home rowing machine?

It’s pretty straightforward—regularly clean and sometimes lubricate the moving parts to keep your rower in top shape.

Can different fitness levels use the same rowing machine?

Absolutely, many rowing machines let you adjust the resistance to match your fitness level.

How important is the design of a rowing machine?

A comfy design matters—it helps you maintain good posture and reduces discomfort during long workouts.

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