Best Barbell For Home Gym (2024 update) and 2 To Avoid

  • We’ve interviewed hundreds of folks who have home gyms – all sorts of setups, from fancy to budget-friendly. After hearing what they had to say, we’ve proudly found that the Rogue Ohio Bar (men) and Rogue Bella Bar (women) is the best barbell for a home gym.
Best Barbell For Home Gym
Best Barbell For Home Gym

With so many choices available, picking a barbell for your home gym can feel overwhelming. There are countless brands and models out there.

If you’re just starting with your home gym, our advice has always been to begin with a small selection and gradually expand your equipment as you become more familiar with your space and your training requirements.

This article is specifically crafted for those who are in the market for their first barbell.

Best Barbell For Home Gym – Our Top Pick

We’ve spoken to numerous home gym owners who use a wide range of barbells, from bamboo bars to specialized strongman bars.

For those embarking on their home gym journey, our top recommendation for the first barbell to purchase is a multipurpose Olympic barbell (20kg for men and 15kg for women).

In the past, barbells used to come at a high cost, but fortunately, prices have dropped in recent years. This means you can now acquire a high-quality barbell without straining your budget.

best barbell for home gym women
best barbell for home gym women

Tailoring our suggestions to your specific requirements, we could send you a compilation of ten diverse barbells from various brands. However, if you seek a single recommendation that fits the needs of 90% of folks, we confidently advocate for the Rogue Ohio Barbell for men and Rogue Bella Bar for women.


It boasts exceptional quality, it’s made in USA, and showcases remarkable durability for both stationary lifts and dynamic exercises, such as those found in CrossFit routines. Despite its remarkable attributes, it remains accessible in terms of pricing, typically hovering around $300.

Best Barbell For Home Gym Colors Ohio Bar
Best Barbell For Home Gym Colors Ohio Bar

Best Men Barbell For Home Gym – Our Top Pick

Best Women Barbell For Home Gym – Our Top Pick

Barbell For Home Gym – What to Avoid

There are certain pitfalls you should steer clear of.

First and foremost, be cautious of barbells that seem unbelievably cheap. Remember that barbells are constructed from steel, and quality steel comes at a cost. If the price of a barbell appears too good to be true, it’s advisable to be skeptical. Generally, anything priced under $150 is likely to have a short lifespan and might not hold up well.

Another factor to consider is the brand. It’s best to avoid lesser-known brands, especially those that pop up on platforms like Amazon Chinese brands, they might not offer the durability you’re seeking.

To ensure longevity and reliability, opt for well-regarded names in the industry such as Rogue, Bells of Steel or Rep. These brands have established themselves as trustworthy choices for barbell purchases.

If your budget is tight and you can’t afford to spend $200+ on a barbell, this is the pick:

Barbell For Home Gym – FAQs

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