Best Home Gym Under $1,000 – Equipment Setup

  • I’m going to show you all the different ways you can create a sweet home gym setup with just a grand. This post will showcase various home gym equipment setups that can be created with a budget of $1K. Discover the Best Home Gym Under $1,000
Best Home Gym Under 1000
Best Home Gym Under 1000

Many fitness enthusiasts are looking to invest in their own home gym setup.

Everyone who owns a home gym says it’s one of the greatest investments they’ve made.

As rare as a unicorn sighting, you’ll hardly find someone who regrets investing in a home gym.

And the good news is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a top-notch setup. With just $1,000, you can equip your home gym with everything you need to get started in the home gym universe. Get strong, lean, and fit with just 1K$.

We’ll be sharing our top picks for equipment that will help you achieve your fitness goals, while also fitting within your budget. So, let’s get started and build your dream home gym today!

And for those with other budgets, we also have Best Home Gym Setup for $5,000 or Best Home Gym Setup for $10,000 guides.

Best Home Gym Under $1,000

$1K Major Brands Home Gym Setup:

This is right at $1K, gets you in the 3×3 rack ecosystem, and hits major brands.

You could sub in a few cheaper options for each. No money left over for flooring though.

Walmart/Amazon $1k Home Gym Equipment Setup:

The bold all Amazon/Walmart $1K gambit:

Final Advice – Best Home Gym Under $1,000

To build a killer home gym setup with a $1K budget, it’s important to find plates for around $1/pound or less, and snag some sweet deals on Walmart/Amazon or scour the used market. Otherwise, the cost of the plates will eat up a chunk of your budget.

You can get creative with the rest of your equipment, but try not to drop $2/pound on weight or you’ll be hurting.

For example, in my third option, you can swap out the Walmart bumpers and Powerblocks with either 230lbs of Rep black bumpers for $515, or 265lbs of Rep irons for $500. The goal here was to save money on everything else to have enough cash for those dope Powerblocks.

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