Bryan Johnson Workout Routine

Bryan Johnson is on a mission to fight aging, and he’s doing it with his intense workout routine as shared on his Blueprint.

Every day, he puts in a one-hour session that includes about 25 exercises designed to keep his body in top shape.

Three times a week, he incorporates high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to really push himself. And on the weekends, he takes his fitness outdoors and goes hiking. From sled pulls to squats to calf raises, Johnson’s workout is diverse and challenging.

His fitness scores put him in the top 10% of 18-year-olds for bench press, VO2 max, leg press, push-ups, and grip strength. With dedication like that, it’s no wonder Johnson is leading the way in the fight against aging.

Bryan Johnson’s Complete Anti Aging Workout

Check out the video below to grasp Bryan Jhonson’s comprehensive anti-aging workout routine. In summary, Bryan dedicates 4.5 hours per week to moderate exercises in zones 2 to 4, 1 hour to light exercises in zone 1, and 1.5 hours to vigorous exercises in zone 5.

It’s essential to highlight that Bryan’s primary goal is not to achieve peak performance, become a triathlete, or bodybuilder. Instead, his training solely revolves around decelerating the aging process and maintaining optimal health.

Bryan Johnson Workout Routine – Anti Aging Workout Protocol

Watch Bryan working out before he had his home gym setup. You’ll see some Rogue boxes below 👇

Bryan Johnson Workout Routine

Bryan Johnson Workout


  • 1 hr day
  • ~25 exercises
  • 7 hrs wkly 
  • 88-105 bpm ~1 hr
  • 106-159 bpm -4hr 30 min
  • 159+ bpm 90 minutes 


  • Backwards Sled, 2 min
  • Posture exercises (video)
  • Tricep extensions 1×25
  • Face pulls 1×15
  • Butterfly, 1×15
  • Band pull apart (back muscles), 1×15
  • Back extensions (on a hyperextension), 1×25
  • Obliques (each side, on a hyperextension), 1×25
  • Stretches
    • Kneeling shin
    • Hip flexor
    • Couch
  • Leg raises (for abdomen), 1×50
  • Seated calf raises, 1×25
  • Poliquin step ups, 3×10, each leg
  • Slant board squats, 3×15
  • ATG Split squats, 3×10
  • Nordics, 1×10
  • Reverse Nordics, 1×10
  • Tibialis raises, 1×25
  • IsoTib ankle rotations (each), 1×15
  • Pull ups, 1×15
  • Chin ups, 1×15
  • 10 min HIIT (M,W,F)
  • Hiking on weekends, basketball, tennis

Scoring equal to top 10% of 18 year olds in the following:

  • Bench press single rep max, 240lbs, top 10% of 18 year olds
  • VO2 max  58.7 mL/(kg·min), top 1.5% of 18 year olds
  • Leg press, single rep max. 800 lbs
  • Push ups, continuous, 60
  • YMCA sit and reach, 26.5 inches.  
  • Grip strength (dominant hand) 60 kg, above the age related peak that occurs in men at age 32.5 (Jamar Dynamometer Corporation reference data

Anti Aging Routine Results

Buckle up, because Bryan Johnson’s results from his anti-aging blueprint are nothing short of amazing!

After just two years, he’s reversed his epigenetic age by 5.1 years and slowed down his aging pace by a whopping 31 years in just 18 months.

He’s now aging slower than the average 10-year-old, and his ideal muscle and fat levels (as shown on an MRI) prove it. Plus, he’s got over 50 optimal clinical outcome biomarkers and over 100 markers that are lower than his chronological age. And that’s not all – his fitness tests show he’s as fit as an 18-year-old!

It’s safe to say that Johnson’s anti-aging regimen is working wonders, and we can all take notes from his incredible results.

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