Build a Compact Home Gym for Only $1200: Small Space, No Problem!

  • Build an awesome home gym like Jim for just $1200 with the right equipment, including a Sunny bike, PowerBlocks, kettlebells, bands, and a mat.
  • Consistency is key to making progress in your fitness journey, and convenience plays a significant role in maintaining a consistent workout routine. Building a home gym can be an excellent way to ensure you never miss a workout, no matter how busy your schedule may be.
compact home gym ideas
compact home gym ideas

As a sales professional for construction materials, Jim’s work schedule can be hectic and unpredictable. To ensure he never misses a workout, he built a 20sqft compact home gym that allows him to maintain his fitness routine even on the busiest days. When he was younger it was easy to go to the gym 5-6 times a week but with a partner, job, and dogs, it’s very tough.

Consistency over Quality

Jim’s main goal with his home gym is consistency. He recognizes the challenges of maintaining a regular gym routine with a busy schedule, so he prioritizes keeping a consistent workout schedule rather than focusing solely on the quality of his workouts.

Workout Focus

Jim primarily uses his home gym for chest, shoulders, abs, and arm workouts. He still goes to the gym twice a week for back (deadlifts) and leg (squats) workouts. However, on particularly busy days, he can still do a back and leg workout at home if needed.

Compact Home Gym Equipment

Jim’s home gym includes a variety of equipment to target different muscle groups:

Aprox total gym cost = $1,200 USD

Whether you’re a busy professional like Jim or just prefer the convenience of working out at home, his 20 sq small home gym ideas provide the perfect inspiration to build your own home gym and stay fit and healthy on your own terms.

Compact Home Gym Photos

small compact home gym ideas
small compact home gym ideas
powerblock adjustable dumbbells
powerblock adjustable dumbbells
adjustable iron dumbbell
adjustable iron dumbbell

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