Compact Home Gym Ideas: How Jay Keeps His Car and Fitness Goals in the Same Space

  • Discover how Jay built a foldable home gym that lets him park his car in the garage and exercise at home
  • Want a compact home gym with an elliptical trainer? Learn how you can build one for just $2,100 and enjoy the convenience of easy folding and storage
Compact home gym
Compact home gym

Jay, like many others, has a garage at home.

A 1 car garage to be specific.

But, not everyone can use their garage space for a home gym, Some people actually need the space for their cars.

But Jay was determined to figure out how to build his own home gym setup that he could put together when he worked out and fold it up to make it compact and leave space for his car.

Why a home gym?

Jay stopped going to the gym during 2020, when gyms closed due to Covid-19.

As an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurse, Jay’s schedule can be hectic. He works long hours and has to balance his job and his passion for fitness.

At the beginning of 2021, he had reached his heaviest weight of 240 pounds. He realized that he could use his time commuting to the gym more efficiently at home, freeing up one hour of time.

As a result, he got more focused on home workouts, and now he can consistently do 4-5 days of body weightlifting, accessory work, and cardio.

Workouts: Olympic Weightlifting, Bodybuilding and Cardio

Jay’s workouts mainly revolve around Olympic weightlifting with various accessory and bodybuilding movements implemented.

He also includes 2-3 days of cardio via MAXTrainer of 20-45 minutes.

Jay’s passion for weightlifting and bodybuilding began when he used to go to a CrossFit gym.

After 3 years, he transitioned to Olympic weightlifting. However, after four years of that, he began to experience various injuries, which prompted him to incorporate more bodybuilding and accessory work into his routine.

Compact Home Gym Setup Challenges

One of the main challenges he faces is probably just being around others in a gym.

There’s an adjustment period at home where he has to learn to push himself just as hard as he did when others were around.

The other challenge he faces is the weather, as it can get extremely hot or cold in his garage gym, depending on the season.

Jay’s Compact Home Gym Equipment Setup

All these pieces of equipment can be stored efficiently when not in use, leaving enough room for his cars at night.

By combining brand-new equipment with more affordable items purchased through the secondary market, he was able to save money without compromising on quality.

Total Compact Home Gym Cost = $2,140

Foldable Home Gym Photos

storage ideas home gym
storage ideas home gym
PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells
PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells
compact home gym eleiko barbell, weights, battle ropes
compact home gym eleiko barbell, weights, battle ropes
sertt pulley system home gym
sertt pulley system home gym
TRX home gym ideas
TRX home gym ideas

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