Emma Lawson’s $25K Home Gym: A CrossFit Athlete’s Dream

  • Emma Lawson is the youngest fittest woman on earth after securing a second spot in the 2023 CrossFit Games
  • Emma has been training for years in the amazing CrossFit home gym that her father built when she was younger
Emma Lawson CrossFit Home Gym
Emma Lawson CrossFit Home Gym

Looking to amp up your home CrossFit game? Discover awesome ideas from none other than Emma Lawson, a remarkable Canadian CrossFit athlete hailing from Kitchener, Ontario. Despite her young age, Emma has left her mark in the CrossFit world by clinching the coveted second spot at the 2023 CrossFit Games, solidifying her position as one of the fittest women on earth.

The story of Emma’s CrossFit journey is quite unique, she embarked on her CrossFit journey at the age of 7. Her parents, avid CrossFitters since 2011, ignited her passion for the sport. She kickstarted her fitness journey with CrossFit Kids and eventually began honing her skills in the home gym her father had thoughtfully set up in their garage.

Now, we’re thrilled to unveil the fantastic CrossFit home gym setup that Emma uses in her parents’ Kitchener, Ontario house.

If you’re on the lookout for ingenious CrossFit home gym ideas that combine passion, dedication, and innovation, Emma Lawson’s setup is sure to inspire your fitness endeavors. Transform your garage into a powerhouse of fitness, just like Emma did, and experience the gains right at home.

Emma Lawson CrossFit Home Gym Video

Watch below Emma’s CrossFit garage gym tour:

CrossFit Home Gym Equipment

Emma Lawson Total CrossFit Home Gym Cost = $23,100 + misc = $25,000

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