Family Home Gym Idea: Steve’s $3,600 Setup With a Climbing Wall

  • Meet Steve, a sales professional in the AI cloud software industry who has built a home gym in his basement for convenience, mental health, and family fun.
  • Learn how Steve set up his $3,600 home gym for strength training and yoga, with considerations for his family’s needs and enjoyment.

Family Fun Home Gym Climbing Wall
Family Fun Home Gym Climbing Wall

Creating a Space for Strength Training

Steve’s primary use for his home gym is strength training, with a focus on squats and deadlifts. He usually runs a mile before heading to the basement for weights.

A solid surface with good grip is key for lifting, which is why Steve invested in rubber mats flooring for his gym. The rubber pads are more durable than foam and can handle heavy weights and lots of sweat.

The hardest part of the home gym build was losing half of the basement for a good part of the winter.

Family Fun Home Gym

Steve’s wife uses the gym for traditional yoga and yoga trapeze, while their three kids (ages 8, 8, and 7) play and exercise in the space as well.

The gym is designed to be a place for the whole family to enjoy, with plenty of room for the kids to swing, yell, and climb. The gym also features a punching bag that the kids love to beat up.

That is ultimately why they built the gym and dedicated the space the way they did. They wanted the home gym to be a place to play and rough house with the kids, a place their kids could play with their friends and a place for Steve and his wife to blow off steam.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Steve opted for a mix of new and used equipment to stay within his budget. He recommends investing in quality equipment for the most important lifts, such as the squat rack and barbells, while finding deals on other items like dumbbells and resistance bands.

Balancing the Home Gym with a Commercial Gym Membership

While Steve loves the convenience of his home gym, he also maintains a commercial gym membership for classes and access to equipment he doesn’t have at home like cardio and some lifts. He believes in finding the right balance between home and commercial gyms to achieve his fitness goals.

The Home Gym Medicine

Steve’s journey with mental health has led him to discover the incredible power of exercise as a key component in managing his symptoms. He firmly believes that exercise is just as important as medication in his treatment plan. Steve’s commitment to his physical and mental health has led him to build a home gym in his basement, which has transformed his life in many ways.

One of the biggest advantages of having a home gym for Steve is the convenience and time management it offers. He no longer has to spend time commuting to and waiting for equipment at a commercial gym. Instead, he can easily fit in a quick workout in just one hour without leaving his home. This has allowed him to prioritize his physical health and well-being without sacrificing other important aspects of his life.

Steve’s basement gym has also become a gathering place for his family and friends. It has created a safe and fun environment for his kids and their friends to exercise and use their bodies, regardless of the weather outside. This has not only promoted healthy habits for the children, but it has also strengthened family bonds and provided opportunities for quality time together. Steve feels lucky to have a home gym that not only benefits his own physical and mental health but also promotes healthy habits and family fun.

Climbing Wall at Home Gym

To build the climbing wall, Steve spent approximately $1,200 by hiring someone to do it, but he believes that it can be done for much less. They purchased the rocks for the wall from Amazon, making it an affordable addition to his home gym.

Despite the cost, Steve finds the climbing wall to be a fun and challenging workout. He likes to use it at the end of his exercise routine, trying to go back and forth on the wall as many times as possible. The climbing wall provides a high-intensity workout that leaves Steve feeling the burn, making it a worthwhile investment in his home gym setup.

Home Gym Equipment

Total Home Gym Cost = $3,630

Home Gym Photos

Climbing Wall Home Gym Idea
Climbing Wall Home Gym Idea
Family Home Gym Idea Steve
Family Home Gym Idea Steve

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