Home Gym Ideas 2024: A Tour Inside a Busy Father of 3 and Marketing Pro’s $7,500 Space

  • Discover how this busy marketing pro built his 7500 USD home gym in Toronto.
  • Stay fit all year round like Yoni, a father of 3, with a convenient and beautiful home gym
Toronto Home Gym Ideas
Toronto Home Gym Ideas

Meet Yoni, a proud dad of three and a fantasy football enthusiast who works as a product and growth guy in Meta (AKA Facebook).

He lives in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada where winters can be harsh and snow can make it difficult to get to the commercial gym.

Fortunately, Yoni and his wife came up with a solution by building a home gym.

And yes, the home gym is heated for the Canadian cold winters.

Why did he build a home gym?

Fitness is a significant aspect of Yoni and his wife’s household. Yoni is passionate about fitness, while his wife works as a personal trainer who coaches clients at home. The couple’s busy schedules, along with their three children, make having a home gym convenient, which is why they decided to build one.

For Yoni, morning workouts are an integral part of his lifestyle, and he treats them as seriously as brushing his teeth.

He knows that consistency is the key to success, and he always tries to make it to the gym, even if it means doing a simple workout.

Despite enjoying going to an actual CrossFit gym before the pandemic, Yoni now appreciates the convenience of having a gym at home, especially with three young children and busy schedules.

Pre-kids and pre-COVID, he absolutely loved going to CrossFit and he still thinks he had better workouts and pushed harder. The competition and in-person coaching is motivating for Yoni, and the home gym can sometimes be lonely.

However, he still thinks the home gym is the way to go these days. He can get in and out of the home gym in just one hour, allowing him to help with getting the kids ready for school. He also gets a little more sleep because he no longer has to go to a 5:30 or 6:00am gym class.

Building a Home Gym Challenges

Building the gym came with some challenges, including not having a large enough socket attachment for the power tools to use for the bolts on the rig. As a result, Yoni had to use two handheld wrenches, which made the task more difficult.

He also had to cut the flooring rubber slabs to the right size, which required some trial and error.

Home Gym Advice

His advice to anyone interested in building a home gym is to figure out what programming they plan to follow and then plan their gear around it. He also emphasizes the importance of using the gym once it’s built, as it’s easy to let it go to waste if not used regularly.

Start with essential equipment for your workouts and gradually add more as your training progresses, inspiring continuous improvement. Yoni’s home gym didn’t magically appear overnight; it’s a product of dedication, training, and a deep understanding of his evolving fitness needs.

Home Gym Programming

Currently, Yoni is following the programming at Street Parking, a fitness program that helps people stay or get fit with a full life and busy schedules. They believe that everyone deserves to know the truth about what is necessary to live a fit and healthy life, and Yoni finds their approach simple and effective.

Toronto Home Gym Equipment

These is Yoni’s home gym main equipment:

Total Home Gym Cost = $7,500 USD (10,300 CAD)

Home Gym Photos

Gorilla Fitness Rack Home Gym Toronto
Gorilla Fitness Rack Home Gym Toronto
Gorilla Fitness Gear Home Gym
Gorilla Fitness Gear Home Gym
home gym concept 2 rower and assault bike
home gym concept 2 rower and assault bike
Gorila Fitness Rack Accessories Spotter Bars
Gorila Fitness Rack Accessories Spotter Bars
Gorila Fitness Wall Ball Target
Gorila Fitness Wall Ball Target
Gorila Fitness Dips Station
Gorila Fitness Dips Station
view from yonis home
view from Yoni’s home

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