How to Get a $1,200 Home Gym for Only $500: Corey’s Story

  • Corey’s home gym setup offers valuable insights into how to build a cost-effective home gym that meets your fitness needs.
  • Corey’s experience of investing $500 to get a $1,200 worth home gym provides useful tips for those looking to build a home gym without breaking the bank.
home gym ideas cost effective
home gym ideas cost effective

Corey, an automotive Launch Engineer and single father of two young boys, found it increasingly difficult to fit gym sessions into his busy schedule.

With a one-hour commute to work and limited gym options in his area, he decided to invest in a home gym. Not only did this save him time and money, but it also provided him with a versatile workout space that met his needs.

Reason for Building

Corey’s decision to build a home gym was primarily motivated by his demanding schedule and the lack of gym options in his area. As a result, he found himself waking up at 3 AM just to fit in a workout. He also outgrew the equipment available at the only gym with locations in both his hometown and the city where he worked, Planet Fitness.

Type of Workouts

Corey’s home gym is equipped with everything he needs to perform a variety of exercises. He built the space to allow him to perform all the exercises he had been doing in the gym, including bench press variations, squats, deadlifts, dumbbell work, T-bar rows, and more.

He custom-built a cable system that allows him to do most, if not all, cable exercises, such as seated cable rows, lat pulldowns, tricep extensions, and cable crossovers.

Refurbishing Equipment

Corey refurbished all the weight plates, dumbbell handles, and EZ Curl Bar by soaking them in vinegar and wire brushing them. He then sprayed them with Rustoleum Enamel using black and blue colours to match the overall blue colour scheme of his gym.

He also installed a smart light bulb that can change colours and added rope lighting to create a unique and interesting atmosphere. To involve his young boys in his workouts, he purchased a small toy weight bench.

Cost-Effective Solutions and Flipping

Corey estimates that he has invested around $500-$600 in his home gym. He purchased some equipment on Marketplace and sold other equipment to keep his investment down while figuring out what worked best for him and his space.

Corey’s primary goal is to keep getting stronger and to put on size while staying relatively lean. His short-term goal is to get a cambered barbell, and his long-term goal is to acquire a Rep PR-5000 Rack with Athena attachment.

Challenges and Advice

Corey found it challenging to resist the urge to continually purchase new equipment.

He advises new home gym owners to start small and experiment with Marketplace purchases to keep costs low while they figure out what equipment works best for their needs and space. Corey’s home gym is a work in progress, and he is always on the lookout for new and exciting pieces to add to his collection.

For those who are just starting their home gym journey, it’s essential to be realistic about the amount of space and equipment you’ll need. Consider your fitness goals and what types of exercises you enjoy doing, and build your gym around those needs. Don’t be afraid to start small and build your collection over time.

Home Gym Equipment

Total Home Gym Value = $1,230

Home Gym Photos

Cost effective home gym ideas
Cost effective home gym ideas
Fitness Reality 810 XLT Power Rack home gym
Fitness Reality 810 XLT Power Rack home gym
home gym Fitness Reality 810 XLT Power Rack
home gym Fitness Reality 810 XLT Power Rack
Hey Play Toy Weight Squat Bench
Hey Play Toy Weight Squat Bench

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