Home Gym Ideas (2024): This Entrepreneurial Couple’s $5,000 Setup

  • Matthew and Adrienne are a couple from Tampa, Florida, who have created an impressive home gym setup for only $5000
  • Discover the benefits of having a home gym, including convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness
Home gym ideas PRx performance Tampa
Home gym ideas PRx performance Tampa

Meet Matthew and Adrienne, a fit, active and entrepreneurial couple from Tampa, Florida.

They’ve found a solution to their workout woes by creating a home gym in their garage and they are sharing their journey and tips for anyone interested in home gym ideas.


Matthew and Adrienne have a lot on their plate, with two dogs, two kids and a business to run. They’re both in their 40s and they’re in the best shape of their life.

Matthew is the owner of Bay Cannon Beer Co. a brewery, taproom, and beverage company in Tampa. He has also recently launched a line of spirits; Sun Session Spirits

Adrienne works from home as a Marketing Creative Manager and Producer for a large supplement company.

They believe that having a home gym has helped them deal with the stresses of their busy lives and has been a boon to their mental health. It provides them with an “on demand” solution to their fitness needs, which is essential in navigating their hectic lives.

Matthew & Adrienne

Setting up the Home Gym

This couple has transformed one side of their 2-car garage into a fully functional home gym that fits their needs.

The total cost of the setup was approximately $7,5k. The gym equipment, which cost $5,000, includes everything from weights, bench press, barbells, and racks. They have also added insulation to their garage and installed a mini split to keep the gym cool during summer. This upgrade cost $2,000, and the insulation cost them $500.

The couple could afford this amazing setup because they had some leftover money from selling their previous home.

Using the Home Gym

They’ve been enjoying the benefits of their home gym since they moved in!

They both work from home, so it makes sense for them to work out from home as well.

This setup has given them the motivation they need to stick to their fitness goals. When they see each other working out, they know they need to get their own workout in as well.


While their home gym is perfect for their needs, they do have some challenges. The space is not too roomy, so they would love to add a back extension machine and a quad extension/ham curl machine to their collection. However, they are aware that this is not a major issue, and they are grateful for the setup they currently have.

Home Gym Equipment

Most of this home gym setup is from PRx Performance, a fast-growing US company from Fargo, ND that got featured on Shark Tank in 2016.

Total Home Gym Cost = $5,000 Home Gym + $2,000 Mini Split + $500 garage insulation = $7,500

PRx Performance Home Gym Photos

PRx performance home gym ideas
PRx performance home gym ideas
PRx performance home gym idea
PRx performance home gym idea
PRX performance dips station
PRX performance dips station
peloton bike home gym
peloton bike home gym

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