Investing in Your Health (2024): Dividend Dentist’s $11.5K Home Gym

  • Dividend Dentist invested $11.5K to build his dream gym in the basement of his home, utilizing two separate rooms for cardio and strength training.
  • Dividend Dentist invested in a range of equipment, including weights, a treadmill and a boxing setup, allowing him to enjoy a full range of workouts without ever leaving the comfort of his own home.

Home Gym Ideas Basement 11,5k usd
Home Gym Ideas Basement 11,5k usd

Meet Dividend Dentist, a Pediatric dentist based in Pennsylvania, he is married and has 2 little ones.

He is a fitness aficionado and a growth & dividend investor, with a current dividend income of $1,360 and a goal of reaching $25,000. You can find him on Twitter (@DividendDDS), where he shares his stock snapshots, ideas and insights with over 3K followers.

As a fitness aficionado, he has invested a whopping $11,500 in his home gym!

Dreaming of a Home Gym

Dividend Dentist had always dreamed of having his own home gym since 2012, but as he was going to dental school at the time, he simply couldn’t afford it.

Later on, he finished school and residency, but he was so far in debt that the idea of investing in a home gym was still out of reach.

Then the pandemic hit, and he was unable to go to the gym anymore. That’s when he decided to take matters into his own hands and build his dream gym.

Overcoming Challenges

Building a home gym was a decision Dividend Dentist made because he wanted to be able to work out whenever he wanted, without interruption.

He loves compounding movements and high-intensity workouts, with his favorite lifts being squats, deadlifts, and hang cleans.

However, the biggest challenge he faced was building out his gym coming out of the pandemic. He had to contend with supply chain delays, which made it a waiting game that lasted for nearly two and a half years. Nevertheless, he persevered and finally got his gym to where it is today.

Advice for Those Considering a Home Gym

If you’re considering building a home gym, Dividend Dentist has some advice for you: just start!

You don’t need to have all the fancy equipment at once.

Start by finding a great bar and some weights, and you’ll learn to rethink your lifts and get creative, resulting in some of the best workouts!

The Future of Dividend Dentist’s Home Gym

As for his future plans, Dividend Dentist hopes to add more pieces to his gym, but he is currently strapped for space.

Located in the basement of his home, his gym is split into two small rooms. One room is dedicated to cardio, designed to get his heart rate up and boost his endurance. The other room, the “weight room,” is where the magic really happens. This is where he has his prized rack and weights, allowing him to work on his strength training.

He intends to build out a dedicated space in the next 5-7 years to allow for expansion.

Home Gym Equipment

Total Home Gym Cost = $11,671

Home Gym Photos

Rogue RM-490 Monster Rack 2.0room home gym ideas
Rogue RM-490 Monster Rack 2.0room home gym ideas
Dentist Basement Home Gym Ideas
Dentist Basement Home Gym Ideas
home gym rogue weight plates
home gym rogue weight plates
home gym everlast heavy bag stand boxing
home gym everlast heavy bag stand boxing
Home Gym Precor treadmill
Home Gym Precor treadmill

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