Home Gym Ideas in 2024: A Look Inside Michi’s $4,900 Powerlifting Haven

  • With just $4,900, Michi, a German police officer, was able to build his very own home gym and take his fitness journey to the next level
  • Transitioning from Crossfit to powerlifting thanks to his new home gym setup, Michi was able to develop a newfound passion for strength training
home gym ideas powerlifting crossfit
home gym ideas powerlifting crossfit

For many, the pandemic has led to a shift in how they exercise.

For some, this shift led them to invest in creating a home gym.

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Michi, a German Police Officer who did just that. He will share with us the equipment he has in his home gym and how he got started.

Michi had a CrossFit gym membership and participated in a few local competitions before the pandemic hit. Since starting to train at home in March 2020 due to the pandemic, the he has been steadily improving and expanding the home gym.

He first started by borrowing equipment from their CrossFit coach but soon began purchasing his own.

Michi switched from CrossFit to powerlifting after starting to train at home and has been exclusively training from home ever since. He even won a local strongman competition last year and plans to participate in a few powerlifting meets this year.

At present, Michi trains with friends and family in the home gym and wants to continue improving both himself and the gym. He has already made a lot of progress, and with the passion and dedication he has shown so far, it’s clear that he will continue to make great strides in the fitness journey.

From CrossFit Membership to Home Gym Workouts

Michi is a big fan of his home gym setup and for good reason! Not only is it always open and customizable to his liking, but it also allows him to work out on his own terms and with laser-sharp focus.

Without the distractions of a busy gym or people vying for his attention, Michi is able to give his all to every single rep.

Of course, he does miss his coach and gym buddies from time to time. But overall, he finds that his workouts have improved immensely since transitioning from Crossfit to powerlifting in his basement.

It’s nice to have a streamlined routine after years of WODs, and Michi loves being able to focus on his own progress.

CrossFit Home Gym Equipment

  • Rack: SQIMIZE SQ8 from German importer brand Simple Products 560€ (+ J-cups 60€ and safety straps 140€)
  • Barbells: Hamburg Competition Powerbar from Simple Products (270€)
  • Benches: Riot Competition Bench from Strengthshop (270€) & Black Incline Bench from LIDL (80€) and Red Bench from Amazon
  • Weight plates: Easy-Gripper from Strengthshop, about 4€/kg – has around 260kg – 1,040€
  • Dumbbells and Kettlebells: BadCompany 800€
  • Cardio: Concept2 rower clone from Crivit (Lidl brand), for 150€ on EBay
  • Lat Pull-down Machine 120€ Amazon
  • Wooden Gymnastics Rings $40 Amazon
  • Platform is self-made 200€
  • Flooring: Baumarkt OBI Bautenschutzmatte 28€
  • Dumbbell Rack 130€ Amazon
  • Strongman Log Bar 150€ Amazon
  • Farmer Walk Handles 99€
  • Barbell Landmine Attachment 25€ Amazon
  • One-arm Amazon
  • 3D printed Mag Grip from eBay 30€
  • The Safety Squat Bar EBay Kleinanzeigen 90€
  • Curl Bar and the Heavy Duty weights (90 kg) from EBay 150€
  • The mirror, the belt squat platform, the lifting platform, and the bumper storage are all self-made.

Total Home Gym Aprox = $4,900

When the pandemic hit, Michi decided to build his home gym, but little did he know that equipment prices would skyrocket. He ended up spending 1,000€ on a barbell and 100kg of bumper plates from a local personal trainer. It may have been a bit of a rip-off, but it was a valuable lesson for Michi. Plus, it was the first thing he bought for his gym and now he can laugh about it.

German Powerlifting Home Gym Ideas – Photos

home gym ideas powerlifting
home gym ideas powerlifting
home gym ideas storage
home gym ideas storage
home gym ideas mirror
home gym ideas mirror
home gym ideas weight plates
home gym ideas weight plates
home gym ideas SQIMIZE rack
home gym ideas SQIMIZE rack
home gym ideas kettlebells and ghd

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