Home Gym Ideas(2024): Chad’s $9,500 Peloton Cardio Setup

  • If you’re looking for a cardio home gym you need to learn from Chad, an IT professional, who has an amazing $9,500 setup for cardio
  • Discover how a full Peloton setup looks like: Bike, Treadmill and Row in the same home gym

Home Gym Ideas Cardio Setup
Home Gym Ideas Cardio Setup

Meet Chad, an IT professional working for a healthcare company who loves to sweat it out with cardio exercises.

Chad is a busy father of 3 kids and has invested $9,500 on his cardio-focused convenient home gym setup, and he’s thrilled to share his ideas with you.

Cardio Workouts Paradise

Chad is a cardio lover, and he’s got the perfect setup to prove it. He’s got the full Peloton setup: Tread, Bike and Row.

Chad loves to get his heart racing with spin classes and running sessions.

Bootcamps and More

Chad enjoys boot camps with the Peloton Tread+ app. He recently added the Peloton Row into his workouts, which he admits is still a work in progress.

With a new baby in tow, Chad is using his home gym to get back into shape with intermittent fasting. He’s proud to have shed 10 pounds in just a month.

Convenience is Key

As a busy dad with three kids, Chad knows the importance of convenience. He has a busy schedule, luckily he works 3 days from home and 2 in the office, which helps him save commuting time and is able to train in his home gym.

He spends $40 a month for Peloton classes and is grateful for the ability to workout early in the morning or at night without having to find a babysitter.

Chad keeps his home gym secure with a lock, especially with the Peloton Tread recall that may pull children under 100lbs.

Challenges and Recommendations

Chad admits that moving and cost were significant challenges.

He has moved equipment a few times and the Peloton machines are very heavy and not easy to move, especially the treadmill. He also needs to use his gym regularly to justify the expense.

He recommends the Nike Vaporfly shoes for running.

Trophies and Fun

Chad’s medals are a testament to his dedication to fitness. He’s earned them from participating in charity events such as 5ks and a Tour de Cure bike event. He is now training for the MS 150 miles challenge event, you can donate to Chad’s challenge here.

And as a fan of The Office TV show, Chad’s Dwight Schruttes flag is proudly displayed on his gym wall.

Cardio Home Gym Equipment:

Total Cardio Home Gym Setup = $9,500

Cardio Home Gym Photos

home gym ideas cardio peloton bike treadmill and row
home gym ideas cardio peloton bike treadmill and row
home gym ideas for cardio focus
home gym ideas for cardio focus

Setup before getting the row and moving to the basement:

home gym ideas cardio peloton bike
home gym ideas cardio peloton bike
cardio home gym room idea
cardio home gym room idea

Unrelated, Chad’s home office:

home office and gym setup ideas
home office and gym setup ideas

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