Home Gym Ideas 2024: Police Officer Dan’s $4,000 Home Gym Setup

  • Discover how Dan, a Police Officer and Photographer, built his dream $4,000 home gym during the pandemic.
  • Learn about the challenges, equipment choices, and future plans that went into creating Dan’s top-of-the-line home gym setup.

REP AB Series Rack Home Gym
REP AB Series Rack Home Gym

Dan is not your average police officer. When he is not patrolling the streets, Dan spends his free time working on his fitness goals and pursuing his passion for photography. However, with gyms closed due to the pandemic, Dan faced a dilemma. He had to find a way to maintain his fitness routine while staying safe at home.

Building His Dream Gym

With the pandemic in full swing, Dan decided to start collecting workout equipment. He began with the basics, such as dumbbells and resistance bands, and gradually expanded his collection. As he collected more and more equipment, he realized that he needed a dedicated space for his workouts.

Dan turned his unfinished basement into a fully equipped home gym.

He installed a circuit training/HIIT style home gym setup that focused on muscular endurance with weights. He also added a half marathon training program to his routine to further challenge himself.

The Challenges: Invest in Quality Equipment

Like most home gym owners, Dan encountered some challenges along the way. He quickly learned that purchasing low-end equipment was not always the best option, especially when he was using it as frequently as he did.

If he could do it over again he would’ve saved longer and gotten the REP AB series rack with the Ares weight stack attachment instead of a rack separate from his cable machines.

Despite the challenges, Dan managed to build a top-of-the-line gym with equipment that cost him approximately $4,000+

The Future of Dan’s Gym

Dan’s home gym is not done yet. He has a long list of equipment he still wants to add to his home gym, including a weight stack selectable functional trainer, more kettlebells, and an additional 300 pounds of plates.

He also plans to invest in a better treadmill and rower. In addition, he intends to build a 2-person sauna underneath the stairs, which will be the perfect way to unwind after a long workout.

The Best Decision He Made

Dan has been lifting weights for over two decades, and he has tried various gyms throughout his life. However, he is confident that he will never go back to public gyms.

He loves the freedom and convenience of working out at home and having his own personal space. Building his home gym was one of the best decisions he ever made, and he’s grateful for the opportunity to focus on his fitness goals during the pandemic.

Home Gym Equipment

Total Home Gym Cost approx $4,300

Home Gym Photos

home gym ideas $4k police officer
home gym ideas $4k police officer
home gym ideas 4,000$
home gym ideas 4,000$
swissies as a multi grip bar home gym ideas
swissies as a multi grip bar home gym ideas

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