How To Build a Top-Quality Home Gym: Inside Anthony’s $10,000 Workout Space

  • Follow Anthony’s fitness journey to building his $10K dream home gym
  • Learn from Anthony’s challenges and advice on building a premium-quality home gym with Rogue equipment, modifications, and online programs to achieve your fitness goals
High Quality Home Gym Ideas 10K
High Quality Home Gym Ideas 10K

Meet Anthony, a 47-year-old Chief Operating Officer of Wabuck Development, a family business that develops, constructs, and manages affordable housing developments in Kentucky and its surrounding states.

He lives in Leitchfield, Kentucky with his wife and their four children.

Anthony’s journey towards building his own home gym started when he was just a scrawny 13-year-old. His dad bought him an old bench from a yard sale, and he found rusty weights at his grandfather’s abandoned farmhouse.

Anthony’s Journey and Love for Lifting

Anthony fell in love with lifting weights and spent his teenage years reading every Muscle & Fitness magazine he could find, and buying Joe Weider’s Ultimate Bodybuilding and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Bodybuilding Encyclopedia books.

Around the age of 15, Anthony discovered that he had a natural talent for bench pressing despite his short arms and smaller size compared to his friends. He began focusing on improving his bench press, often skipping leg days, and even competed in three local competitions. At his peak, he was able to bench press an impressive 252 lbs at a weight of 123 lbs with a bench shirt (probably added 20-25 lbs at the time).

Fitness Journey as an Adult

When he started college, his lifting routine became sporadic and he exercised very little after getting married in 2000. Although he attempted to reintroduce lifting by purchasing all-in-one machines, they soon became dust collectors.

It wasn’t until 2007 when Anthony built his house and created a 10′ x 15′ exercise room in the basement that he began to think seriously about fitness again.

By 2012, his weight had climbed to 172 lbs on his 5′-6″ frame, and he decided it was time to make a change. He did multiple rounds of P90X and was able to drop down to 143 lbs. However, he found that he often burned out and would gain the weight back.

Time To Change: Building The Home Gym

In 2016, Anthony purchased a set of Bowflex adjustable dumbbells and the Body Beast DVD program from Beachbody. This reintroduced him to lifting and reminded him of how much he had missed it. In the summer of 2019, he decided to convert the entire exercise room into a home gym and got rid of the treadmills.

Initially, Anthony used a $250 REP Fitness PR-1100 rack for a year, but exposure to CrossFit inspired him to look into Rogue’s website.

Early in the Covid lockdown of 2020, he committed to having everything he needed for fitness at his fingertips and began piecing together his dream gym as items became available on Rogue’s inventory list. Over the past four years, he has assembled everything he could possibly need for his own fitness and that of his family.

Anthony hopes to pass on his knowledge and experience to his 9-year-old son in the coming years.

Home Gym Workout Programs

Anthony initially did CrossFit workouts in his home gym but opted for home-friendly online programs like AthleanX’s Old School Iron and Max Size.

Recently, he discovered the Mind Pump podcast and plans to run their MAPS programs over the next couple of years.

His fitness goal is to hit a 1,000-pound total on bench (250), deadlift (400), and squat (350) before he turns 50, and to reduce his body fat to under 10%.

Challenges and Advice

Anthony admits that his setup is not necessarily economical nor limited only to essential equipment. He realizes he is paying a premium for the Rogue name, but he values the quality and American-made product.

He advises that there is high-quality equipment out there for substantially less, and modifications can be made without purchasing some items.

Don’t let budget or space hold you back from pumping some iron and getting those gains. You don’t need a fancy gym membership or a massive home gym setup to start weight training.

Anthony suggests that resistance training is key to maintaining strength and living a healthy lifestyle, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re tight on cash or just prefer to train in your own space, a home gym can provide everything you need to get started.

For just $25, you can grab some resistance bands and start crushing bodyweight exercises. It’s a low-cost and effective way to begin your fitness journey. If you’re ready to take things up a notch, consider investing a few hundred dollars in a set of dumbbells and a budget-friendly bench. With these basics, you can do every essential exercise.

In the near future, Anthony plans to relocate his equipment to a storage garage in their basement, where he can have a dedicated deadlift platform area and a lat/cable machine. He also hopes to have his Concept 2 rower with his equipment to incorporate it more into his warm-ups and cool-downs.

Favourite Piece of Equipment

Anthony’s all-time favorite piece of equipment is none other than the Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar.

Before he stumbled upon this beauty, he never even thought of incorporating deadlifts into his workout regimen. But boy, was he missing out! Deadlifts work so many muscles and have improved his strength like no other exercise.

It’s not an easy movement to master. And as he started lifting heavier weights, his grip became a limiting factor. He tried using straps, but they just didn’t feel comfortable.

That’s when a local friend, who happens to be a powerlifter, introduced him to the Texas Deadlift Bar. Its smaller diameter and knurling were a game-changer for Anthony’s small hands. He was sold!

But, being the loyal Rogue enthusiast that he is, he ultimately decided to go for the Rogue Deadlift

Recent Additions

Rogue Ghost Roller J-Cup

With heavier weights, especially on squats and bench, re-centring the bar and moving it into position takes away effort you can put into your lift.  It also takes its toll on the knurling of your barbell. The Rogue Ghost roller J-cups with composite rollers put the bar in the exact same position every time and can easily slide side-to-side. 

Anthony purchased a pair for the squat setup, but immediately ordered another pair for the bench after the first time he used it. 

REP Fitness Safety Squat Bar 

Occasionally he gets discomfort in the shoulders and can really feel it when he squats. After researching all the safety squat bars out there, he finally settled on the REP SSB because of the length of the bar.

Most other comparable bars (Titan, Bells of Steel, etc.) were slightly shorter and reviews stated they would not fit in the wider racks unless the J-cups were angled to the middle. The REP SSB fits perfectly in his Rogue RM4 rack and is a good variant of his squat. 

The most beneficial use of the SSB has been for standing calf raises. When going heavy with a barbell and calf block, he was struggling to stay balanced. The SSB lets the weight balance hands-free while he holds onto the rack uprights.

How The Home Gym Has Improved Anthony’s Life

Gym equipment alone won’t get you fit. But, he’s found the secret to reaching his fitness goals with his own home gym! In his mid-40s, he’s realized that weight lifting brings him immense joy, and he’s always had a knack for it.

Thanks to his home gym, there’s no excuse for Anthony to miss a workout. Even on those tough days where getting out of bed feels impossible, he knows he can step into his home gym and work towards his goals.

For Anthony, weight lifting is a lifelong commitment, and he plans to keep it in his routine as long as he can lift a weight. By switching up his routines and programming, he keeps things fresh and focuses on improving his strength and mobility.

He’s learned to listen to his body’s feedback, especially as he ages, to prevent overtraining.

Home Gym Photos

Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack Home Gym
Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack Home Gym
Home Gym Ideas Rogue Monster Rack
Home Gym Ideas Rogue Monster Rack
Space Efficient High Quality Home Gym
Space Efficient High Quality Home Gym
High Quality Home Gym Ideas Kentucky
High Quality Home Gym Ideas Kentucky
Home Gym Wall Hangers
Home Gym Wall Hangers

Home Gym Equipment

Total Home Gym Cost = $10,600

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