Home Gym Ideas 2024: Nothing Barred Fitness Coach Rob’s $3,700 Setup

  • Gain insights into Coach Rob’s $3,700 home gym setup and discover how he built it from scratch with Nothing Barred Fitness.
  • Learn valuable tips and tricks from Coach Rob to build your very own home gym and create a space that meets your fitness needs.
nothing barred fitness home gym idea
nothing barred fitness home gym idea

If you’re looking to build your own home gym, you’re not alone. But where do you start? Rob has some valuable insights to share. Here are some of his tips and tricks for building a functional and efficient home gym.

Rob is an experienced fitness enthusiast who has been training for strength, muscle gain, and fat loss for over seven years. And he is now coaching others to help them achieve their fitness goals.

After becoming a new dad, Rob discovered how to maintain his fitness levels while balancing the demands of parenthood and a full-time job, thanks in large part to his home gym.

Rob offers online coaching and shares free content on his Twitter and Instagram profiles, as well as running free challenges and providing training programs. Find more about Rob on his website Nothing Barred Fitness

rob nothing barred fitness

Start Small and Build Over Time

Rob suggests starting with just a few key pieces of equipment, such as a power rack, adjustable bench, barbell, weight plates, dumbbells, and a pull-up bar. These items can be purchased for around $1,000, depending on quality and brand.

From there, you can gradually add more equipment as needed or as your budget allows.

Investing in a Well-Equipped Home Gym is Worthwhile

Rob believes that a well-equipped home gym is a worthwhile investment that offers convenience, flexibility, and efficiency for those committed to a regular workout routine.

However, he cautions that those new to working out should consider solidifying their habit with a couple of years in a commercial gym first to avoid investing in a home gym that they never use.

nothing barred fitness home gym setup idea
nothing barred fitness home gym setup idea

Challenges and Tips Building a Home Gym

Rob faced a few challenges while creating his own personal workout space.

One major hurdle he encountered was figuring out what equipment to buy and how to make sure it would last. His advice for new home gym builders is to do their research and be mindful of what they purchase.

Cost is another factor that can quickly spiral out of control, as Rob learned. He recommends not getting carried away with fancy accessories and being mindful of the overall expense.

Storage is a key consideration for any home gym, and Rob has some great tips on this front. He suggests using rack-mounted storage for plates to save space and adding a pull-up bar on top of the squat rack.

A squat rack that can be expanded with other add-ons like pulleys and dip bars is also a smart choice.

Maximizing space is important, too, and Rob recommends using wall storage and a way to stand bars up vertically. He also emphasizes the importance of having enough room to manoeuvre the bench in and out of the rack with ease.

Finally, Rob warns home gym builders to be wary of rust. Humid garages and basements can cause equipment to rust, so it’s important to protect against this. He suggests treating equipment with something to protect against rust

Tips Summary:

  • Research and buy equipment that will last
  • Avoid fancy accessories
  • Use rack-mounted storage for plates
  • Purchase a squat rack that can be expanded with add-ons
  • Use wall storage
  • Have enough room to manoeuvre the bench
  • Protect equipment with something to prevent rust
home gym ideas rob nothing barred
home gym ideas rob nothing barred

Rob’s Home Gym Equipment

Here’s what he spent on his home gym setup equipment, almost everything from Mirafit, a brand in the UK:

Rob’s Total Home Gym Cost: $3,688

Rob highlights that it’s possible to buy awesome quality basic home gym equipment consisting of a rack, barbells, bench, and weight plates for $1,900.

Rob’s Home Gym Equipment

ironmaster quick lock dumbbells home gym ideas
ironmaster quick lock dumbbells home gym ideas
mirafit rack with pulldown cable system
mirafit rack with pulldown cable system
ironmaster quick lock dumbbells
ironmaster quick lock dumbbells
mirafit home gym setup idea
mirafit home gym setup idea
home gym ideas olympic rings
home gym ideas olympic rings
Lean Rob at his Home Gym

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