Inside Jesse James West’s $100K Home Gym

Jesse James West Home gym basement

You probably know Jesse as the dynamic fitness sensation with a whopping 3+ million followers on YouTube. He’s not just a bodybuilder; he’s an embodiment of youthful triumph in the fitness world.

Jesse’s dedication to fitness has not only sculpted his physique but also inspired countless others. Riding high on his achievements, he made a splendid move – investing in a new home with a sprawling basement.

But here’s the exciting part: he ingeniously converted that basement into a jaw-dropping home gym, kitted out with top-of-the-line Matrix Fitness commercial gym gear.

Choosing Jesse’s Home Gym Equipment

To bring this vision to life, Jesse consulted the brilliant mind behind Fusion Gyms and Relentless Strength Equipment, @Tonyisrelentless. The equipment was outstanding, no doubt, but assembling it would’ve meant a grueling six months of hard work.

That’s when Matrix Fitness stepped in. Renowned for their premium quality, robust machinery, they managed to set up Jesse’s entire dream gym in just 2-3 months.

Transforming The Basement Into a Home gym

Now, let’s talk about the basement’s transformation journey.

First, the walls got a fresh coat of pristine white paint, giving the space an open and vibrant ambiance.

The plush basement rug was replaced with luxurious rubber flooring, an essential for a gym that would soon see intense training sessions. The process involved applying a generous layer of Ecore E-grip III polyurethane adhesive before rolling out the protective rubber flooring. This ingenious method adds a resilient layer of defense to the floor, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of the most demanding workouts.

Once the floor was ready and the Matrix Fitness equipment was delivered, the real magic began. In seven hours, Jesse’s incredible home gym emerged in all its glory, ready to witness the birth of new personal bests.

Home Gym Jesse James West
Home Gym Jesse James West

I built my dream gym. I couldn’t do this without the years of support you all give me. I love you all so much and promise to make the greatest content I can in this gym for you all to be entertained and inspired.

Jesse James West

Jesse James West Home Gym Equipment

Total Jesse James West Home Gym Cost = $100,000

Jesse James West Home Gym Video

Watch below Jesse’s home gym building process and a tour of the finished home gym setup.

Jesse James West Home Gym Photos

Jesse James West Home Gym
Jesse James West Home Gym
Jesse James West Cardio Machines
Jesse James West Cardio Machines
Jesse James West Home Gym Barbells
Jesse James West Home Gym Barbells
Hack Squat Jesse James West Home Gym
Hack Squat Jesse James West Home Gym

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