Liver King’s $30K Home Gym: The Barbarian Workout Sanctuary

  • Liver King lives on a Texas ranch with his wife and two sons, where he built an impressive $30,000 home gym.
  • The ancestral home gym features exceptional Rogue equipment, perfectly catering to his rigorous workout routines.
Liver King Home Gym Ranch
Liver King Home Gym Ranch

Brian Johnson, popularly known as Liver King, has redefined the concept of maintaining robust health and wellness. He’s taken a departure from the conventional approach of sweating it out in air-conditioned fitness centers and resorting to crash diets. Instead, Liver King embraces an age-old lifestyle that harmonizes with our ancestral roots, nurturing vitality in a distinctive way.

Nestled in a picturesque ranch in Texas, Liver King lives his wife and two sons. Within the confines of his amazing house, a dedicated garage stands as a testament to his commitment. It’s here that he meticulously built his personal haven, a $30,000 home gym built predominantly with the Rogue equipment. This workout space helps Brian in his quest to remain in peak physical condition and conquer his demanding and rigorous training routines.

While he has openly acknowledged his past use of steroids, his recent journey has seen him embracing natty life steering clear of performance-enhancing substances. Through the storms of controversy, Brian has emerged as a symbol of authenticity, standing as a testament to his unwavering dedication. His physique stands as an epitome of envy, while his workouts emanate an aura of sheer resilience and audacity.

Liver King Ranch Home Gym Video

Watch below the full Liver King’s home gym tour. A beautiful setup in the 2 car garage in his ranch in Texas.

Liver King’s Ranch Home Gym Equipment

Total Liver King Home Gym Cost = $28,500 + misc = $30,000

The Barbarian Workout

The Barbarian is Liver King’s most famous workout that consists of walking 1 mile while carrying heavy stuff.

  • Walk 1 Mile with:
  • 70-pound kettlebell hold in each hand
  • 20-pound ankle strap on each leg
  • 70-pound backpack carry
  • Drag 120 pounds on a sled

The Barbarian Workout Equipment

Liver King’s Workout Routine

The Liver King workout regimen is renowned for its unparalleled intensity, delivering impressive results. The core principle is beautifully simple: Dedicate yourself to hard work every day, with the occasional double session. This commitment extends even to rest days, as Liver King’s philosophy embraces constant movement. Experience the transformative effects of the Liver King workout today.

LIVER KING Workout Routine
PhilosophyA unique adaptation of the Westside Barbell Conjugate method for ultimate strength. We embrace challenges as a pathway to purpose and happiness.
Daily ApproachDedicated effort every day, sometimes twice. Movement is constant, even on rest days. Check full routines for details.
Weekly Schedule
Monday AMLower body strength, focus on 1RM lifts.
Monday PMMetabolic conditioning for muscle hypertrophy. Includes heavy pulls, Olympic lifts, handstand push-ups, chest-to-bar push-ups, legless rope climbs.
Tuesday AMBack, rear deltoids, and core workout.
Tuesday PMUpper body push exercises with dynamic, plyometric movements.
WednesdaySunlit walking followed by sprint variations (assault bike, rower, ski erg) to simulate a successful hunt. Break 24-hour fast if earned.
Thursday AMLower body training with added plyometric work.
Thursday PMMore metabolic conditioning, focusing on hypertrophy. Involves heavy pulls, Olympic lifts, KB swings, and heavy carries.
Friday AMUpper body focus, working on 1RM lifts.
Friday PMMetabolic conditioning with emphasis on hypertrophy. Includes ring muscle-ups, heavy ball cleans, handstand walks.
Saturday AMSuper Barbarian workout featuring strongman movements, concluding with core exercises.
SundayLeisurely sunlit walk and non-negotiable Tabata push-ups. Conclusion of the week’s training.

Liver King Ranch Tour

Liver King, the renowned influencer, resides in a captivating ranch nestled in the heart of Texas, alongside his wife and two boys. While you might have caught glimpses of Liver King’s family abode, the true enchantment lies in exploring the Liver King Ranch.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking expanse of lush pastures and embrace the awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset vistas. This haven offers the perfect haven for recovery, rejuvenation, and revitalization.

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