Inside MattDoesFitness’ £26K Home Gym (2024): A Full Tour

MattDoesFitness Home Gym Setup
MattDoesFitness Home Gym Setup

If you’re into fitness and home gyms, then you’ll definitely want to know about MattDoesFitness!

This guy is the real deal when it comes to all things fitness-related. His real name is Matt Morsia, but he’s known to his fans as MattDoesFitness – a super entertaining and knowledgeable fitness YouTuber and social media personality with more than 2 million followers.

Matt is always sharing his fitness journey, from workout routines to diet tips, and he’s not afraid to take on a challenge. He’s gained a massive following on various social media platforms. This guy knows how to motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle and have fun while doing it!

But here’s the real reason you’re reading this Matt has a £26K home gym that is the stuff of dreams!

And lucky for us, he’s given us a full tour of his incredible setup. From the equipment to the design, you’ll be blown away by what he’s created.

Matt’s Home Gym Tour

Matt’s home gym is an absolute game-changer.

99% of the equipment he used came from Bulldog Gear, a UK based fitness equipment brand. They were the ones who sorted the gym out for him, so Matt didn’t have to buy anything himself. Even if he had built it from scratch, he still would have gone with Bulldog Gear because he’s just that impressed with them!

It’s been 3 years in the making, and the home gym in the video is the result of Matt’s hard work and dedication.

The first iteration of his home gym was just a rack and some dumbbells, but he’s come a long way since then. Of course, as any fitness enthusiast knows, a home gym is never truly finished. But Matt thinks he’s pretty much got everything he needs now.

There is one thing he wishes he could have, though – a lat raise machine. Sadly, he just doesn’t have the space for it in his already amazing setup. But who knows, maybe he’ll find a way to make it work in the future.

Matt absolutely loves his home gym, and who wouldn’t? It’s located in the garden of his home, just 10 meters away from the house. It’s the perfect escape when he wants to get in a good workout without leaving the comfort of his own space.

Home Gym Equipment

MattDoesFitness Total Home Gym Equipment Cost = £26,060

MattDoesFitness Home Gym Building Cost = £33,990

MattDoesFitness Total Home Gym Cost (building + equipment) = £60,050

MattDoesFitness Home Gym Cost in US Dollars = $32,600 equipment cost + $42,500 building cost = £75,150

Matt Does Fitness Home Gym Building Videos

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