UFC’s Michael Chandler’s Home Gym: The Personal Suffering Sanctuary

  • Michael Chandler, the UFC icon, is known for his relentless training ethic.
  • He built an amazing backyard home gym at his stunning Nashville residence.
Michael Chandler Home Gym UFC
Michael Chandler Home Gym UFC

Meet Michael Chandler, the real deal in the UFC world. You’ll find him tearing it up in the UFC’s Lightweight Division, where he’s been making a name for himself since 2009. But before he joined the big leagues, he rocked it in Bellator MMA from 2010 to 2020. Bellator Season Four Lightweight Tournament? Yep, he won that. And not just once, but three times he held the Bellator Lightweight Champion title.

But fighting’s not all there is to Michael. Dude’s got a swanky crib in Nashville, complete with his own personal battle arena – a home gym right in his backyard. And guess what? It’s not just about pumping iron; he’s also got a podcast recording studio there. So, while he’s not in the octagon, he’s dishing out some serious conversations in his own chill space.

Michael Chandler’s Home Gym Video

Nashville tenesee amazing house. Michael has an awesome home gym in the backyard. Michael has a pool and a backyard building where he has the studio where he records the podcasts and next to the studio he has the home gym.

Michael Chandler Home Gym Equipment

The majority of the gear in his home gym comes straight from Arsenal Strength equipment, a local Tennessee company that’s all about top-notch strength gear and creating awesome workout spaces.

Michael Chandler Total Home Gym Cost Estimate = $28,000

Michael Chandler Home Gym
Michael Chandler Home Gym

Michael Chandler’s Training Routine

Watch below how Michael Chandler trains and prepares for his UFC fights:

So, here’s how Michael Chandler rolls with his killer workout routine:

Bright and early, he kicks off with a trail run that’s no joke. Picture this: he’s tearing through those trails and stairs, heart pumping, legs pumping, and the adrenaline’s flowing. It’s not just a run – it’s an intense session that gets him fired up.

But that’s just the beginning. After conquering the trails, it’s time to dive into some serious strength and conditioning. He starts things off with a dynamic warm-up, getting those muscles ready for action. Then it’s onto the heavy hitters – sled pushes, kettlebell swings, push presses, and high-throws with wall balls. It’s a total body assault that pushes him to his limits.

Of course, after all that sweat and effort, the guy’s gotta refuel. He’s all about nutritious eats to power him up. And here’s where things get interesting – he takes a plunge into his ice barrel. Yeah, you heard that right. Cold water therapy to recharge those muscles and give his body a little shock to the system.

But he’s not done yet. The octagon calls, and he answers. He steps into that MMA training zone.

So there you have it, the Michael Chandler special: trail run, strength and conditioning like a beast, refuel and ice plunge for recovery, and then the grand finale – some intense MMA training in the octagon.

Michael Chandler Net Worth

Now, let’s talk money. Michael Chandler’s got a solid net worth, around $5 million in 2023, and most of it comes from those jaw-dropping UFC paychecks. And hey, he’s not just getting his kicks in the ring. He’s also sponsored by Dymatize, a company all about sports nutrition and supplements.

Speaking of paychecks, this dude’s raking it in. On average, he’s pocketing a sweet $500,000 for each UFC brawl. But hold onto your hats – his biggest payday was in UFC 281 against Dustin Poirier, where he walked away with a cool $760,000.

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