How To Build a Small High Quality Home Gym: Ralph’s $5,700 Setup

  • Ralph’s home gym is a model of efficiency and quality, designed to take up minimal space. With his eye on potential relocations, Ralph has carefully selected equipment that is easily transportable and can fit into any space.
  • Ralph has built a home gym that will serve him well for years to come. His approach of “buy once, cry once” may require a larger upfront investment, but it pays off in the long run with durable and effective equipment that stands the test of time.

Minimal Space Home Gym Ideas
Minimal Space Home Gym Ideas

Ralph had always wanted a home gym to avoid the hassle of going to a commercial gym. He loved that he could work out at any time that fit his schedule without worrying about driving time, small talk, or dealing with unwanted attention from creeps. His partner also appreciated the safety and privacy that came with using a home gym. However, Ralph faced challenges when it came to finding the right equipment.

As he researched and planned his home gym, Ralph realized that the local second-hand market had limited options in terms of quality and variety. He decided to purchase most of the equipment new.

He advises anyone starting a home gym to take the time to think about the specific exercises and equipment you want to customize your gym to fit the exact needs. Ralph also recommends prioritizing quality products that may be more expensive, but will ultimately last longer.

Tt’s better to buy quality products “buy once and cry once

Powerlifting Exercises, Core and Grip Strength

Ralph focuses on powerlifting exercises such as the deadlift, squat, and bench press. He supplements his training with additional exercises that benefit the big three, such as Romanian deadlifts, good mornings and Pendlay rows.

Additionally, he incorporates core, mobility and forearm strength training nearly every day with planks, dead bugs, and hand crushers/rubber bands.

Ralph believes that a strong core and grip strength allowed for further progression in all lifts and were essential for general health.

Challenges and Storage Effective Solutions

The main challenge Ralph faced was the variety and amount of options available when choosing equipment.

With several big-name brands and numerous lesser-known companies offering very similar products but with varying price tags, Ralph spent a considerable amount of time navigating through reviews to find quality products.

Another challenge was knowing that he would likely have to relocate with his gym due to work. Ralph has held various jobs throughout his life, ranging from his service in the US Military, where he was deployed and stationed overseas, to working as a wildland firefighter in the United States.

To address this, Ralph looked for “smaller” footprint items or items that could store effectively. Besides the Squatmax, almost everything in his gym is quite mobile and can stand or reposition to take up less overall floor space. He also chose the Basebar Pro due to ceiling height issues in his current home.

Creating a Space-Saving Setup in the Garage

Ralph’s home gym is in the garage of his house, and he has set it up in a way that takes up minimal space. His car can still fit inside the garage, and the gym setup is great if he wants to use his garage as a garage. By carefully selecting equipment that fits his specific needs, Ralph has created a personalized fitness space that allows him to work out on his terms.

Home Gym Photos

Small Space Home Gym Setup Idea
Small Space Home Gym Setup Idea
Small Compact Home Gym Ideas Garage
Small Compact Home Gym Ideas Garage
High Quality Equipment Small Home Gym
High Quality Equipment Small Home Gym
High Quality Equipment Compact Home Gym Idea
High Quality Equipment Compact Home Gym Idea
High Quality Equipment Small Home Gym Ideas
High Quality Equipment Small Home Gym Ideas

Home Gym Equipment

Total Home Gym Cost = $5,700

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