Small Home Gym Idea 2024: Personal Trainer Dennis’ $4K Room Setup

  • Dennis, a certified personal trainer, built a $4K small home gym setup to help you achieve your fitness goals at home.
  • With Dennis’ small room setup, you can have access to all the necessary gym equipment

Small Home Gym Idea Dennis
Small Home Gym Idea Dennis

Dennis is a personal trainer based in Boston, MA, who has been passionate about fitness and strength training for many years. When the pandemic hit and gyms closed down, he found himself without a place to work out.

As someone who takes fitness and health seriously, he couldn’t simply stop working out altogether. Instead, like many others on this site he decided to build his own home gym.

Building the 64 Square Feet Home Gym

Building a home gym from scratch can be a challenging task, but Dennis was up for it. He spent about two months researching and sourcing the best equipment for his space and budget.

The home gym is located in an 8 x 8 room in Dennis’ house. He faced challenges in sourcing quality equipment due to pandemic-related shortages. He had the space cleaned out & prepared in advance, so it made it easier to put everything together

His advice to others looking to build a home gym is to invest in the best possible equipment that fits their budget and to be honest about their commitment level to fitness before making the investment.

“At first it may excite you, but there will be days you’ll lose the desire to workout. So if your going to invest money into something like a home gym, be honest with yourself about your commitment level to fitness & overall bettering yourself as an individual.”

One of his favourite pieces of equipment in the gym is the PowerBlocks adjustable dumbbells. These versatile dumbbells are more convenient than a traditional dumbbell rack and take up way less space, making them a great addition to his home gym. He loves them so much that he’s bought the stage 2 and stage 3 expansion kits to handle 5 to 90 lbs!

Personal Training Home Gym

Dennis uses his home gym for personal training sessions, both in-person and online. The privacy of the gym allows him to record exercise videos for his online clients without worrying about being in someone’s way at a public gym. He offers a variety of workout styles, ranging from powerlifting routines to circuit-style resistance training workouts. His clients appreciate the convenience and personal attention they receive during their sessions.

Staying Lean the Whole Year

Many people wonder how Dennis stays so lean. Well, surprisingly he never does cardio (Treadmill, bike, etc)

He credits his intense strength-training workouts for his calorie expenditure, and he keeps the pace fast while incorporating a lot of supersets. He emphasizes nutrient timing and macro distribution in his meal plans, but he also notes that being active throughout the day allows for flexibility in diet.

Hire Dennis as Personal Coach

As a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer with a passion for strength training, Dennis offers 1:1 coaching both in-person and online. Whether you’re looking to powerlift or lose weight, Dennis has the expertise and dedication to help you succeed. DM Dennis on his Instagram account

Some of his personal records include a 350 bench and a 555 x 4 deadlift.

Home Gym Equipment

Total Home Gym Cost = $3,600

Small Home Gym Photos

Small Room Home Gym Ideas personal Trainer
Small Room Home Gym Ideas personal Trainer
Compact Home Gym Ideas Personal Trainer
Compact Home Gym Ideas Personal Trainer

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