Small Home Gym Ideas: Alex’s $2,190 Full Home Gym Setup (2024)

  • Transform Your Small Space with These Small Home Gym Ideas Under $2,190: Alex’s Story
  • How Alex Transformed His Game Room Into A Fitness Paradise
  • No Excuses! Small Home Gym Ideas to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals Like Alex

Small Room Home Gym Ideas Setup
Small Room Home Gym Ideas Setup

Alex had been struggling with his gym routine for a while. He was paying for a gym membership, but he rarely went because it was always crowded, and he found himself waiting for machines and equipment that he needed.

What should have taken him an hour would take up to two and a half hours.

The 20-minute drive to the gym was another issue. He would have to drive over an hour after work to get home, have a quick bite, change clothes, gather his gym stuff, and then drive another 20 minutes to the gym. It was becoming a hassle, and he found himself making excuses not to go.

One day, Alex decided that enough was enough. He wanted to exercise but on his own terms. He started researching what he needed to put together a home gym, and he found that it wasn’t as complicated as he thought it would be.

Being overweight, his primary goal was to lose weight and avoid saggy skin. Therefore, he decided to focus on upper body workouts such as chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and abs.

Alex’s game room, which was 8’x 12′, was an unused space in his house. He decided to convert it into a home gym and remove all the gaming stuff.

He found that he had enough space to fit in all the equipment he needed, and he no longer had to make excuses not to go to the gym.

He is now motivated to work out regularly in the comfort of his own home, without any distractions or waiting times.

Small Home Gym Equipment

Total Home Gym Basic Equipment = $1,670

Small Home Gym Storage and Attachments

Total Home Gym Storage and Attachments = $520

Total Cost Small Home Gym = $2,190 (Home Gym Equipment ($1,670) + Storage & Attachments ($520))

Small Home Gym Ideas – Photos

BalanceFrom PC-1 Series Functional Trainer Home Gym Ideas
BalanceFrom PC-1 Series Functional Trainer Home Gym Ideas
Fitness Reality Power Rack Home Gym Ideas
Fitness Reality Power Rack Home Gym Ideas
Small Home Gym Ideas

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