A Look Inside a $7,000 Small Home Gym Setup Built by An Agency

  • Gym Inrichting, a home gym design agency based in the Netherlands, created a custom $7,000 home gym setup for a busy entrepreneur.
  • Despite limited space, the home gym features a versatile multistation machine that enables a full range of workouts, making it an ideal fitness solution for individuals with small garages.
3D Small Home Gym Design Idea
3D Small Home Gym Design Idea

Rien Venhuiizen is the founder of Gym Inrichting, a home gym design agency that offers his services in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Rien recently crafted a remarkable home gym for a client with limited space. Despite only having 130 sq ft available in the garage, Rien was able to incorporate a multistation that enables the user to perform almost any exercise typically done in a commercial gym.

The rack option provides the ability to do all the necessary compound exercises, while the pulley station allows for all the cable exercises, and a smith machine rounds out the setup.

With all the attachments included, this compact home gym offers everything needed for a complete workout. The only challenge was the lack of space for a leg curl/extension machine, but this was addressed by adding a multi bench with leg extension.

The adjustable dumbbells proved to be a perfect choice in such a tight area.

About The Customer

The owner behind this incredible home gym setup is a busy entrepreneur in his mid-thirties who lives in Waalwijk in the Netherlands.

With a demanding job and a family to care for, he struggles to find time for a regular fitness routine. Despite this, he understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and wants to stay in shape.

He decided to invest in this home gym because he had grown tired of a nearby commercial gym, which had become overcrowded and provided poor guidance from the staff.

This compact and versatile setup provides a perfect solution for a busy business owner to stay fit on his terms.

Home Gym Photos

Gym Inrichting Busy Entrepreneur Home Gym
Gym Inrichting Busy Entrepreneur Home Gym
Entrepreneur Home gym Setup ideas
Entrepreneur Home gym Setup ideas

Home Gym 3D Models

Gym Inrichting offers a unique service to its clients – the creation of 3D models for their home gym setup. Using advanced software like Floorplanner, they bring your vision to life with stunning 3D representations of your future gym. You can request a free 3D plan on their website.

Home Gym 3D Plan Idea Floorplanner
Home Gym 3D Plan Idea Floorplanner
Home Gym 3D Render Ideas
Home Gym 3D Render Ideas

Home Gym Equipment

Total Home Gym Cost = $7,000

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