How to Build a Home Gym in a Small Space (2024): Jason’s $6,5K Setup

  • Discover how Jason built a complete $6,5K home gym in a small basement room starting with the basic equipment
  • Get tips and tricks for small room home gyms: From finding the right equipment at the right price to making the most of limited space

Small Home Gym Ideas
Small Home Gym Ideas

Meet Jason, an experienced marketing pro who now runs the entire marketing for a university.

Based in Frankfort (IL) Jason has always been a gym person, but when he became a father, his priorities shifted.

He no longer had the time to spend hours at the gym, so he decided to set up a home gym.

Today, his home gym setup is worth $6.5K and has been an integral part of his fitness routine for the past 15+ years.

From a Foldable Treadmill to a Home Gym

Years ago, Jason lived in downtown Chicago and went to the gym daily without fail. When his first daughter was born, he no longer had the time to go to the gym regularly. To solve this problem, he purchased a foldable treadmill, a Bowflex Xtreme, and Bowflex dumbbells to workout at home whenever he had time. These equipment were relatively affordable, but they were also limiting.

After moving to the suburbs of Chicago, Jason added a single finished room to his big basement to serve as a gym.

Over time, he realized he loved having a home gym as it allowed him to workout anytime without any excuses.

His wife occasionally uses the gym, but she primarily runs outside (she runs marathons and ultras, wow! That’s why you’ll find so many shoes in the photos).

Today, his youngest daughter uses the gym daily and does weights and runs.

The Challenges of Setting Up a Home Gym

Setting up a home gym was not without its challenges for Jason. Space was a significant issue, especially when he was trying to fit everything he needed into a very tight space.

Additionally, finding the right equipment at the right price was a challenge. All of his equipment was bought over 15+ years.

Jason wishes he made the gym bigger, but he came from a very narrow townhome and thought the gym was big enough at the time. He also thought he wanted to finish the basement later with a bedroom, bar, theater, etc., but he realized he didn’t need that, and his kids didn’t care for the extra space.

Jason’s Advice for Home Gym Owners

If you’re thinking of setting up a home gym, Jason advises that you start with the basics that will serve your basic needs.

Scour local sales sites, eBay, or wherever you can to get started. Be patient and save money before creating a dream list of equipment.

Over time, you can gradually build up your gym as you find better deals or have more money to spend.

Jason’s Workout Routine

Jason’s fitness routine is simple yet effective.

He runs a mile daily as fast as he can go (about 6:15 for now) and then focuses on a different body group each day – chest, back, shoulders, arms, then legs with core every 2-3 days. He takes a day off every 2-3 weeks and works out for about an hour daily.

Jason’s $6.5K home gym setup has been a game-changer for him, his wife, and his daughter. It has allowed them to work out regularly, maintain their fitness, and stay healthy without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Home Gym Equipment

Total Home Gym Cost = $6,490

Home Gym Photos

small room home gym ideas jackedupbrands
small room home gym ideas jackedupbrands
small room home gym setup ideas
small room home gym setup ideas
jackedup brands power rack all in one
jackedup brands power rack all in one

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