Home Gym Ideas for Spartan Race: $2,300 Setup (2024)

  • A home gym setup for Spartan Race training can be achieved on a budget of $2,300 or less.
  • Discover how Rob transformed his body by shedding those extra pounds and staying committed to his fitness routine with the help of his home gym setup tailored for spartan race enthusiasts.

Spartan Race Home Gym Ideas
Spartan Race Home Gym Ideas

Rob has a home gym in his basement that he built in 2016. He wanted to get back into working out because he was putting on weight and not feeling as healthy as he could be.

Rob’s reason for building a home gym dates back to 1996 when he was 19 years old and got interested in UFC fights.

He started taking Jui-Jitsu with a friend, realizing the need to build muscle. Although he slowly got out of Jui-Jitsu and working out in his mid-twenties, he decided to get back into working out when he was turning 40 in 2017.

Being a family man with a busy work schedule, Rob knew that getting a gym membership would be difficult, so he decided to create a home gym in his basement.

He added equipment gradually to make it affordable, and it also set a good example for his kids.

Initially, he worked out without any clear goals until his friend invited him to participate in a Spartan Race, which gave him a different outlook and reason to work out.

After moving to a different state and job in 2019, Rob was able to focus more on his fitness and has participated in more Spartan races since then.

Now, his home gym looks like a sanctuary for any Spartan Race lovers.

Spartan Race Ready Home Gym Equipment

Rob’s gym equipment includes

Total Home Gym Cost = $2,300

Rob’s spartan home gym is worth aprox $2,300 but it cost Rob way less! Prices in 2016 were cheaper than they are now and some of his equipment was free!

As for the plates and barbell, those were completely free! He happened to take some time off in January 2017 when his youngest was born, and his wife said someone just posted on the ‘Nextdoor App’ that they were giving them away, but they had to be picked up and not delivered. He rushed over and a guy helped him load them up and seemed to be glad to be rid of them. There was even a rack to hold everything

Treadmill with a small smart tv mounted from the ceiling. His favorite place to watch streaming show from!

Spartan Home Gym Photos

Spartan Race Home Gym
Spartan Race Home Gym
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Work in progress – Home Gym Ideas

Initial days of the Spartan Home Gym – Home Gym Ideas

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Spartan Race Home Gym Ideas