Home Gym Ideas 2024: How Ted Built a $2,000 Fully-Functional Home Gym on Amazon

  • You can build a complete home gym for just $2000 by shopping on Amazon
  • No prior assembly experience? No problem! Build your home gym in just one weekend

Ted, a fitness freak, was able to build a fully functional home gym for just $2,000 by purchasing all the equipment from Amazon.

Building The Home Gym Over The Weekend

Ted found it quite easy to build his home gym, as the only components that required assembly were the rack, bench, and lat pulldown machine.

He was able to complete the setup process over the course of a single weekend, working alone with little prior experience in assembly.

Ted is quick to emphasize that building a home gym like his is not only easy but also feasible for anyone interested in doing so.

While he recommends having a second person to help with the assembly process, he notes that it is entirely possible to build a great rack and machines alone. He suggests booking a weekend to set up the gym and inviting friends or a partner to help with the process, which can make a significant difference.

One of the critical factors to keep in mind while setting up a home gym is having enough space to accommodate the equipment. Ted recommends ensuring adequate space, especially if the ceiling height is close, as he found that the 84-inch rack fit comfortably in his 90-inch basement space.

Rack With Lat Pulldown Attachment

Ted highly recommends the Fitness Reality Rack with Lat Pulldown Attachment for those looking for an all-in-one solution for their home gym.

The free-standing design of the Fitness Reality Rack eliminates the need for a platform and offers a compact yet versatile workout space. Ted found that this rack was able to meet all of his workout needs without the need for any additional equipment.

It provides a wide range of exercises that can be performed on a single machine. Ted found that this attachment allowed him to target his back and arms effectively and efficiently.

fitness Reality Lat Pulldown Rack
fitness Reality Lat Pulldown Rack

Why All Amazon Home Gym?

Ted was able to build his gym to good-quality standards without breaking the bank.

With careful research and strategic purchases, he was able to find affordable equipment that met his needs.

By building his home gym, Ted was able to save money and time by avoiding expensive gym memberships and the need to travel to a gym for workouts.

Full Amazon Home Gym Equipment

Total All Amazon Home Gym Cost = $2,059

All Amazon Home Gym Photos

all amazon full home gym setup 2K$
all amazon full home gym setup 2K$

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