Building a Home Gym on a Tight Budget: Jacob’s $2,300 Setup

  • Jacob, a student and fitness enthusiast, built an impressive home gym with his wife for just $2,300.
  • A dangerous incident at the school gym pushed them to build the home gym for a safer and more convenient workout experience.

Home Gym Tight Budget Student
Home Gym Tight Budget Student

Jacob, a mechanical engineering student, and his wife, who works at Target HQ as an SSA, have always dreamt of having their own home gym. They finally decided to take the plunge after they grew tired of waking up at 5AM to drive to Jacob’s school to work out.

Their home gym is equipped with everything they need to powerlift, and they follow MegsquatsStronger by day program to stay on track.

One of the biggest challenges they faced was the absence of cable exercises in their home gym. However, they found it relatively easy to substitute these exercises with others.

Jacob has some advice for those interested in building their own home gym on a tight budget. He suggests watching out for sales and scratch-and-dent deals to get the best deals on equipment. The only piece of equipment they bought at full price was the Rogue bar.

Jacob also recommends being committed to the idea of lifting before making any significant investment in a home gym setup. He lifted at his school gym for over a year before purchasing the equipment for his home gym, while his wife took six months to make up her mind.

An incident where a football player nearly hit her in the head with a medicine ball gave them the final push to invest in their home gym setup. Their home gym is now a convenient, comfortable and secure space to work out alone or together!

Home Gym Equipment

Total Home Gym Cost = $2,360

Home Gym Photos

home gym titan fitness series 2 rack
home gym titan fitness series 2 rack
home gym simple storage for bands
home gym dumbbells target and amazon
home gym dumbbells target and amazon

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