The Rise of Two Racks in Home Gyms: Chas’ $10K Setup

  • Learn how a former military veteran built his $10K home gym setup to stay fit and healthy.
  • Join the two-racks trend in home gyms by checking out this setup, complete with multiple attachments and streamlined equipment.

10K home gym ideas
10K home gym ideas

Meet Chas, a former military man turned HVAC’s sales professional who lives in Texas with his wife and two kids.

Chas’ passion for fitness started during his time in the army and has since become a huge part of his life, helping him not only physically but also mentally.

With 12 years of military experience under his belt, Chas has been making waves in the sales industry for the past nine years. As someone who values efficiency and hates waiting in line at the gym, Chas decided to build his own home gym.

Building the Gym

Over the course of a year and a half, Chas built his home gym setup, with the most challenging aspect being finding equipment during the pandemic and ensuring the floor was even for the smith machine.

Chas’ Best Advice

As someone who has experience in building an awesome home gym, Chas has some advice for others who are considering doing the same. He suggests figuring out how much space you have and what equipment you need before making any purchases.

Chas got rid of some equipment he had randomly bought, realizing he could utilize the space better with fewer pieces of equipment.

2 Racks Home Gyms Trend

Chas incorporated two racks trend into his workout space. He has one rack dedicated to basic exercises such as squats, bench press, rows, and more, while the other rack is equipped with attachments, eliminating the need for specialized machines.

Having two racks makes life easier. With the setup streamlined, it is no longer a hassle to use attachments such as jammer arms and leg pads, which may have previously been overlooked.

The trend of using two racks in home gyms is growing. The benefits of having two racks are clear, with home gym owners being able to leave certain attachments up without having to move equipment around as much.

As the trend continues to gain popularity, companies are starting to build better options around rack attachments, bringing back certain attachments that may have previously been considered fads.

Chas’ experience with two racks in his home gym offers valuable insights into the benefits of this approach to at-home fitness. With the trend continuing to grow, it may be worth considering if you are looking to build your own home gym.

Chas’ Favorite Workouts

As for Chas’ workout routine, he focuses on strength, mobility, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). These workouts allow him to maintain his fitness and lift for longevity.

Future Plans – Sauna

Chas also plans to add a sauna to his backyard, specifically the 6-person Thermowood barrel sauna from Redwood Outdoors, which costs around $5.500.

Home Gym Equipment

Total Home Gym Cost = $9,950

Home Gym Photos

2 Rack Home Gym Ideas
2 Rack Home Gym Ideas
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